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Remote and video surveillance centre

Brinks Security Luxembourg's Remote and Videosurveillance Centre was set up in 2003 and is equipped with the most modern and efficient technical and human resources in order to guarantee the professional monitoring of all alarms received, the remote surveillance of protected sites and the monitoring of agents on mission.

Operating 24/7, the Remote Surveillance Centre was designed in full compliance with the highest security standards, with the law relating to security and surveillance companies of 12/11/2002 and with the Grand Ducal regulation of 22/08/2003.

Equipped with an entrance lock with armoured doors, the Centre has a power generator and radio/telephone equipment with protected and recorded lines that allow the law enforcement network to be reached at all times and in all circumstances. All vital systems are installed in a redundant manner, thus ensuring the uninterrupted functioning of its activities whatever the circumstances.

These technical infrastructures are also supplemented by the strictest service regulations, which include very detailed procedures that must be followed regarding the opening of the airlock doors, the sorting of individuals authorised to enter, the tasks and relief of staff assigned to the operation of the Centre, as well as the permanent control of patrols.

To secure your keys for remote surveillance missions or on request, Brinks Security Luxembourg S.A. offers its clients the possibility of keeping them safely inside its secure premises. Stored on sealed and unidentifiable key rings, the keys remain available as soon as necessary, 24/7.

Their storage allows our intervention teams to access your premises for a more detailed check in the event of doubt removal and/or necessary intervention such as stopping a fire.

Permanently manned by a minimum of 2 multilingual operators selected from a team of 15 people specially trained for this specific task and the surveillance of sensitive areas, the main tasks of the Remote Monitoring Centre are defined as follows:

  • Remote site monitoring (processing of over 100,000 signals/day),
  • Video surveillance,
  • Monitoring of the commissioning and de-commissioning of alarm systems,
  • Interaction between the Remote Monitoring Centre and customer sites,
  • Real-time positioning of vehicles,
  • Management of intervention patrols,
  • Management of agents on site,
  • Keys management.


  • EN50131 standard
  • Professional monitoring platform with recording of all actions
  • Processing of intrusion, fire, sabotage, technical alarms, etc.
  • Remote doubt detection
  • Remote actions: opening/closing, switching systems on and off, smoke, audio dialogues
  • Geolocation of stolen vehicles
  • Protection of isolated workers
  • Remote alarm system with geolocation to assist people (isolated workers, security needs, etc.)
  • Video surveillance
  • Virtual patrols
  • Technical call centre
  • Keys guarding
  • Customer reporting - MyBrinks