Brink's Box

A new addition to the Brink’s Complete family: The Brink’s Box allows you to secure and optimise your in-store cash management and ensure the safety of your employees at all times.

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Simplify how you handle your cash

Thanks to its compact and intelligent design, Brink’s Box slots in easily into your business premises, allowing your employees to make fast, traceable and secure deposits, day or night, in just a few minutes.

Take advantage of this smart tool that gives you a clearer overview of your cash flow.

Brink’s Box accounts for and verifies your cash, tracks your deposits and withdrawals, and works for you while you deal with your most demanding peak periods.


No investment required, simplified management, and improved cash flow

Protect your cash

Your money is secure and cannot be accessed after being deposited in the Brink’s Box.

Simplify your day-to-day tasks

Save time by getting rid of time-consuming admin jobs.

Optimise your cash flow

Your deposits are tracked in real time and your account is credited daily.

A solution for everyone

Brink's Box helps:

  • The distribution sector
  • Les restaurants
  • Small shops


An “All Inclusive” service


Rental, installation, configuration, training and ongoing support.

Daily credit

Your money is available in your account the day after it is deposited in your Brink’s Box.

Maintenance & troubleshooting

You benefit from maintenance of the hardware, updates and customer service.

Secure cash management

Collection of funds, counting and sorting of cash, verification of data, and transfer to your bank account.

Insurance & Warranty

Omnium equipment warranty and insurance for deposited funds.

The Brink’s Box solution

Make secure deposits in minutes


Prepare your deposit

  • Enter the amount on the Brink’s Box app 24/7
  • Put the money in a Brink’s Deposit Bag

Log the bag

  • Scan the deposit bag on Brink’s Box app
  • Place the bag in the Brink’s Box

Easy access to your funds

  • Receive your daily credit the next day (subject to the bank’s agreement) and check the status of your funds at any time


A fully integrated technological innovation designed for depositing banknotes and coins

brinks box

1 LCD screen/Reset button

Provides system status and push option to reset device.

2 QR code reader

Scans the QR code on the Brink’s bags and authenticates access.

3 LED light

Blue: Standby mode
: Deposit received
: Attention required
: Fault

4 Deposit slot

Receives approved Brink’s bags, with a capacity of up to 40 sachets.

5 Opening/Closing

Keyless smart lock.

Size & weight

Height 69cm
Width 36cm
Deepth 46cm
Max weight 82kg

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