Brink's Loss Prevention

Identify thefts automatically in real time

Brink's Loss Prevention harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to detect and prevent thefts in your store.

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Finally reduce theft-related losses in your store

Discover Loss Prevention System, the new standard in in-store theft detection. Using artificial intelligence to spot theft instantly, this solution, compatible with all cameras, helps reduce losses and boosts the security of your business. Choose Loss Prevention System for an effective protection, compliant with RGPD and suitable for a variety of industries such as supermarkets and pharmacies.

Brink's Loss Prevention

The benefits of intelligent video surveillance

Guarantee security with active theft prevention

Advanced technology to actively identify and prevent theft, ensuring maximum security for your business.

Real-time detection against theft

Brink's Loss Prevention instantly detects suspicious behavior, providing a quick and effective response against theft.

Effectively deter frequent theft

Brink's Loss Prevention significantly reduces frequent theft incidents through its intelligent and discreet surveillance.

Key figures

Many merchants have succeeded in minimizing their losses related to theft


reduction in theft-related losses


suspicious gestures detected each month


stores equipped worldwide


established presence in over 25 countries

The Loss Prevention System product

Brink's Loss Prevention

Analysis of surveillance video tapes

The Brink's Loss Prevention algorithm instantly monitors and analyzes security videos.

Detection of suspicious gestures

Brink's Loss Prevention instantly detects suspicious gestures with artificial intelligence.

Instant alert

You receive an instant alert to react without delay and stop the theft

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Provision of the solution

Installation, configuration, training, and assistance provided by our Brink's experts

No initial investment

You subscribe to a subscription without investing money upfront

Maintenance & troubleshooting

Do you have a problem with your Brink's Loss Prevention System ? Our teams will handle it.

Simplified management

We deliver a solution that's child's play. Is there a problem ? Your phone alerts you.

Help your agents

Brink's Loss Prevention allows you to manage your security agents more effectively.

Questions and answers

Brink's Loss Prevention is an advanced video surveillance solution developed by Brink's, based on Veesion technology. It uses artificial intelligence to detect suspicious behavior and theft attempts in stores in real time, thus providing increased security.

Yes, Brink's Loss Prevention is designed to be compatible with a wide range of camera systems. This allows easy integration into existing surveillance systems without the need for additional hardware.

Brink's Loss Prevention identifies suspicious behavior thanks to its artificial intelligence algorithm, enabling merchants to react quickly to prevent theft. This proactive detection also serves as an effective deterrent against repeated thefts.

Absolutely, Brink's Loss Prevention strictly adheres to privacy and data protection standards, including the RGPD. Data security and privacy are top priorities in the design and operation of Brink's Loss Prevention.

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