Guarding and security

All the expertise of Brink's in guarding and security at the service of your company.

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  • Static Security Agent
  • Rondier
  • Fire prevention officer
  • VIP driver agent
  • Specialised airport security agent (AVSEC)
  • Shop detectives
  • Dog handler
  • Screening agent for people and goods (palpation, X-ray detection....)
  • Receptionists and desk officers
  • PCS agent - Security Control Station
  • Confidential document logistics
  • Operational project management

Brink's also offers secure custody of data storage media in our secure facility. The storage room is equipped with fire detection, intrusion detection, access control following a strict protocol and video surveillance equipment including permanent digital recording. The data media is stored in sealed security containers. The storage room is protected by 4 metres thick walls, it is air-conditioned and it is equipped with a permanent humidity control system.